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Charcoal Briquette Dryer

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Charcoal Briquette Dryer

Brief introduction of Charcoal Briquette Dryer

Charcoal Briquette Dryer is a machine which can dry charcoal briquette, coal briquette,food, fruit in a short time and an efficient

way. After the drying process , the materials are much easier to transport , more convenient  to store and the storing time will be

much longer than before . Charcoal briquette dryer is made up by individual drying box (the length and layer can be customized).

In the middle of the dryer is the heat, the drying medium is the hot wind which can diffuse through the space and the holes in the

dryer. The drying structure is specially designed for coal briquette or charcoal briquette . The hot wind can pass the holes freely,

which greatly improve the drying result . And nowadays , charcoal briquette dryer has already been widely applied in food , coal,

charcoal, medical,building  materials, metallurgy etc industries. 

Charcoal Dryer



1.Since 1984. 30 years direct manufacturer. has 28 years experience for Briquetting and Pelletizing solution.
2.CE and ISO certificate

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Advantages of Charcoal Briquette Dryer

1)Simple structure

2)Easy operation

3)Stable performance

4)Low noise

5)High productivity

6)Significant energy-saving

7)Low cost

Internal picture of charcoal briquette dryer, and the way how to use it.

Introductions of Charcoal Briquette Dryer:


Main Parameters of Charcoal Briquette Dryer


Charcoal Briquette Dryer Price




After sales service support

In the after sales service, Lantian machinery has a team of briquetting professionals ready to help you. We provide one year


warranty for all of our machines and six month for the wear parts of the machine. Spare and wear parts are always close to you. 





Charcoal Briquette Dryer


Factory view


Charcoal Dryer


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